Dr. Gajan Srikanthan Headshot

Dr. Gajan Srikanthan
Medical Director

Dr. Gajan Srikanthan (BSc (Hons), MBBS, MRCP) is a qualified internist, with a specialist interest in diabetes. After ten years practicing medicine, Dr. Srikanthan joined pioneering health informatics company, Map of Medicine (later acquired by Hearst Health) to design their clinical pathways.

The company spearheaded a revolution in clinical pathway design, implementing clinical decision workflows across large healthcare systems. Dr. Srikanthan went on to become Head of Clinical Strategy & Innovation, responsible for bringing new solutions to market, leveraging decision support, population health and e-prescribing tools. He also built internal clinical teams, developed relationships with clinical stakeholders within large health system clients, as well as forming partnerships with leading academic institutions and technology vendors.

In 2019 Dr. Srikanthan joined Lumeon, leading the team responsible for embedding clinical best practice into standardized operational workflows. As Medical Director, his goal is to create best practice pathways underpinned by solid operational and data models that customers can adopt or adapt with minimal resource input.

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