Traditional care coordination is broken.

It is labor intensive, expensive, mostly manual, and highly variable across care teams and sites of care.

Meanwhile, your clinicians and staff are overworked and suffering from burnout, costs are rising, you have a backlog of patients that need care, and you need to recapture lost revenue – all while there is a massive shortage of people to do the work.

There’s a better way: Care Orchestration

Lumeon makes coordinating care easier, more efficient and effective. How? By integrating with your real-time data, applying clinical knowledge, and employing intelligent automation to individualize the care of every patient - at scale.

8 billion people, each one unique.

Every patient is different, and so the orchestration of their care should not be ‘one-size-fits-all.’ Unlike other automation solutions that provide a set of standardized and pre-determined steps that are the same for every patient, Lumeon’s automated care orchestration platform analyzes real-time data and applies clinical intelligence to automatically orchestrate care based on the individual needs of every patient.

Lumeon Care Orchestration Platform

Real-time data integration

Real-time, bi-directional integration with EHRs and other data sources ensures care coordination is always based on accurate and timely information, while reducing documentation burden on clinicians and staff.

The best care every time

Care coordination actions are contextualized and individualized for each patient, ensuring that every patient gets the right care, at the right time – every time. That’s care orchestration!

Automation delivers scale and efficiency

Care coordination tasks, activities, and events are automated, thereby improving operating efficiency and productivity, eliminating variation, and enabling workflows to scale across care teams and sites of care with consistency.

“Lumeon’s vision fits and aligns with our goals. The platform gives us the opportunity to use technology to improve the patient experience and increase efficiency in our operations.”
Laurie Johnson, Executive Administrator of Ambulatory Services, Keck Medicine of USC
Optum NYC Health+ Hospitals Keck Medicine of USC Nuffield Health Alliance Medical NHS

Lumeon has been the leader in care orchestration for more than 15 years. With more than 70 customers in 12 countries, we are honored that leading health systems put their trust in Lumeon.

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Reduce staff stress

Your clinicians and staff need help. Your patients demand and deserve better. Typical approaches to solving care coordination challenges have been to throw more people at the problem. But, in today’s environment, there aren’t more people to throw at the problem and the people you have are stressed.

Only with Lumeon, will you:

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Eliminate manual tasks and workflow processes

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Lower costs

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Eliminate gaps in care

As the leader in automated care orchestration, it’s easy to get started with Lumeon. The Lumeon platform is designed to be implemented rapidly, so you can realize immediate impact.

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