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Orchestrating care to do the right thing for every patient, every time

Healthcare today is chaotic and wasteful. Lumeon brings predictability and consistency to care delivery by orchestrating teams and automating tasks to ensure the right care to every patient, every time.

Take a couple of minutes to hear Lumeon CEO and Founder, Robbie Hughes, describe the positive impact Lumeon’s Care Orchestration is having on healthcare.

The Care Orchestration experts

Lumeon is a digital health company dedicated to helping provider organizations mend broken care coordination processes through automated care orchestration.

Lumeon’s  award-winning care orchestration platform has proven to deliver demonstrable results, in as little as 90 days.

Leading providers in the U.S. and Europe are embracing Care Orchestration to:





Mission and vision

Lumeon’s mission is to empower care teams to deliver efficient, effective and high quality care to every patient.

At Lumeon, we believe that every patient’s care should be proactively managed, personalized to their individual needs, and delivered efficiently and effectively by care teams operating at the top of their license.

Lumeon’s platform is deployed  across the globe

We are honored to serve more than 70 healthcare providers across 12 countries

Awards and recognition


2024 Events

OR Leadership Summit, February 4 – 6 (Tucson, AZ )

VIVE, February 25 – 28 (Los Angeles, CA)


EHR Validation, Compliance and Security

Every year Lumeon undergoes a full external information security audit aligned to the ISO27001:2013 standard. We are accredited by SGS which reviews our systems and security to ensure that we are complying with our policies and have no single points of failure in the organization related to process, technology, or people.

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