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Applying technology to automate and personalize each patient’s care journey

Introducing Lumeon’s Care Orchestration platform

Lumeon’s care orchestration platform automates the tasks, workflow, activities, and events that overburden care teams today. With real-time, bi-directional data/system integration and the dynamic application of clinical intelligence and automation, Lumeon helps care teams deliver on their potential and ensure that every patient is getting the care they need.

With Lumeon, care teams deliver more efficiently, effectively, and consistently across the continuum of care, while also empowering clinicians and staff to work at the tops of their licenses and spend time with patients that need it most.

Lumeon’s care orchestration platform integrates with multiple data sources, including your EHR, order comms systems, data warehouses and RPM systems; it creates a real time synthetic record to ensure that decisions are always made on the best available information. Best of all, Lumeon can be deployed once within an enterprise, and then applied to use cases all across the health system.

Key benefits:
• Improve care team capacity
• Reduce operating costs and improve margins
• Achieve better, repeatable, and consistent outcomes, reliably and at scale
• Improve the patient and clinician experience
• Grow revenue

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Real-time bi-directional
data integration

Lumeon integrates with EHRs and other systems that contain up to date information that can help drive the care process for patients. This is critical, since execution of each patient’s care orchestration plan must be informed by real-time data infused into the appropriate care pathway.

Thanks to our partnership with Epic and Cerner, Lumeon’s data integration is bi-directional, so information about care delivery that Lumeon creates is automatically written back into a patient’s chart in the EHR, streamlining documentation review for clinicians and preventing information gaps for extended care team members.

Automate care orchestration based on industry best-practices and expert
guidance from the
Lumeon team.

Lumeon’s methodology is executed by healthcare industry professionals with decades of experience in clinical process design, working shoulder-to-shoulder with client personnel.  We examine your existing processes and then, in collaboration with your clinical care team, help you design an ideal future operating state, leveraging best practices from the Lumeon customer community.


Automation of
Care Orchestration

Once pathway design is completed, the Lumeon platform is deployed and configured based upon your unique requirements.

Unlike AI, Lumeon’s engine is not “predicting” or “suggesting” what to do for a particular patient. Rather, Lumeon knows, based upon the documented pathway, why the next best action is what it is for a particular patient. With Lumeon, it’s always easy to understand why each decision was made for a patient at each step in their care – because the pathway model, constructed with and approved by the facility’s care team leaders, specified it.

As in all things, “change” is hard, so we leverage our team of experienced clinicians and transformation agents to navigate operating changes with your care teams.

During deployment, our teams will baseline existing operational processes and metrics and after deployment, measure the impact of the Lumeon platform for your organization.

Personalization at scale

Effective, clinically sound care orchestration must be personalized to each patient; the alternative – a “one-size-fits-all” approach – does a disservice to healthcare. Without automation, personalized care orchestration cannot be performed at scale — there just aren’t enough people within any health system to do the job efficiently and consistently.

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Information how and where you want it

The output of Lumeon’s care orchestration system can be expressed through a variety of modalities. Many users prefer to see Lumeon’s output within their EHR, whatever that may be.  To support the most popular EHRs used by health systems, Lumeon is an application found in the Epic App Market and the Cerner App Gallery. Lumeon also has its own native interface, and it can be integrated into a web portal or third-party mobile apps via HL7, FHIR and web services.

Having multiple presentation options is especially important because of the number of people involved in care orchestration, including care team members and the patients themselves.  Therefore, it’s vital to be able to share information based on who needs to know what, and how they prefer to receive communication.

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