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Working at Lumeon

There’s a lot of technology in healthcare, but nothing like Lumeon.

Lumeon is the first company to bring automation and intelligence to the challenging problem of orchestrating the care for every patient – at scale – across a healthcare provider organization. The Lumeon Care Orchestration platform automates the various care coordination activities associated with a patient’s care journey… customized to the care pathways of each client organization… and personalized to the care flow of each patient.

Orchestrating a patient’s care is not new, but for the most part, healthcare providers do it in a manually intensive way today, with processes, tasks and activities done by people. Our unique Care Orchestration platform transforms traditionally manual, labor-intensive and inefficient processes into a highly efficient and streamlined experience, both for care teams and patients.  Care Orchestration also remedies several of the most pressing operational problems provider organizations face today: staff shortages and burnout; the rapidly escalating cost of care; and a severe revenue and profit squeeze.

Lumeon’s team members are excited about how we’re making healthcare delivery more efficient, affordable, and accessible.

If you are passionate about transforming healthcare, please consider joining Lumeon. We’d love to talk with you.

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Our values

What kind of company is Lumeon?

The kind that exists to innovate and solve real-world problems in healthcare. The kind that embraces good ideas, wherever they may come from. The kind that respects the knowledge, skills, and humanity of its employees.

What kind of people thrive at Lumeon?

The kind that are obsessed with customer success. The kind that care deeply about the people they work with and for. The kind that listen carefully, speak thoughtfully, collaborate well, and are open and humble.

What kind of client works with Lumeon?

The kind that recognizes it can do better and be better by using technology in new ways. The kind that is willing to invest in a collaborative relationship with a partner, not just issue orders to a vendor. The kind that recognizes how demanding the jobs their care team members do are, even under the best of circumstances — and that today’s healthcare environment is, on the whole, not the best of circumstances.

Does this sound like you, and the work environment you’d like to call home? If so, please contact us.

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