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Because care teams deserve technology
that makes their jobs easier
and patient care better

Improve the clinician experience

Today, care coordination activities are scattered across multiple care providers and administrative staff, often within the same organization and across sites of care.

Lumeon applies automation in a practical and effective way to streamline tasks and workflow, saving clinicians valuable time and improving their overall experience – a key element of healthcare’s Quadruple Aim.

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Ensure consistent care experiences

Today, care coordination tends to get dispersed among care providers, within the same organization and across care sites. And they often execute the same tasks differently. Not only can this create an inconsistent care experience for patients, but patient outcomes become unpredictable, patient safety can be compromised and there are increased costs caused by inefficiencies.

With automation, Lumeon delivers consistency across care teams and sites of care – at scale – while ensuring all providers are aligned and informed about what needs to be done for every patient at any given moment.

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Maximize the staff you have

Historically, health systems have met care coordination demands by hiring new personnel or adding more responsibilities to existing staff. However, healthcare labor shortages mean additional staff isn’t available and the people they already have are overwhelmed and stressed. Furthermore, financial pressures restrict hiring.

By applying technology to leverage known information about each patient, Lumeon makes care coordination personal and more efficient, so the team you have in place today can do more, with existing or fewer resources.