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Because care teams deserve technology
that makes their jobs easier
and patient care better

Improve the clinician experience

Today, care coordination activities are scattered across multiple care providers and administrative staff, often within the same organization and across sites of care.

Lumeon applies automation in a practical and effective way to streamline tasks and workflow, saving clinicians valuable time and improving their overall experience – a key element of healthcare’s Quadruple Aim.

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Scale your best practices

Today, the care that is delivered is often excellent, in pockets, but scaling those pockets so they become the standard is incredibly challenging. In addition, clinically the right decisions may be being made, but executing those decisions at scale is nearly impossible – different people may carry out the same tasks in different ways with different outcomes, and different teams may not understand the importance of things that are critical for others. Not only can this create an inconsistent care experience for patients, but quality become unpredictable, safety can be compromised and costs quickly add up.

Lumeon brings personalization and standardization to care teams and sites of care – at scale – by taking your best practices and infusing them with automation to ensure they’re consistently and reliably executed. We join up patients and care teams to work as one and make sure that every organization is delivering on its full potential for every patient

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Transform the patient experience

Lumeon makes the patient part of the care team by moving beyond patient engagement into patient orchestration. Lumeon personalizes your care delivery processes to combine physical and digital, automatically moving to digital for patients that engage but automatically escalating back to phone or face to face when patients don’t engage or don’t stay on track. Lumeon seamlessly weaves digital and physical together to engage all your patients, not just low risk patients.