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Eliminate friction and
boost productivity by 66%

Get procedure cancellations and delays under control

34% of last minute delays and cancellations are due to inadequate or inconsistent prep. Lumeon transforms the preparation process by algorithmically predicting need and personalizing the care journey to each patient. Low risk patient are fast tracked through digitally with personalized, light touch automated care which makes space for higher risk patients that need the personal touch

Reimagine surgery prep

Designed to optimize the
way you work

Use ASA guidelines or incorporate your own protocols to optimize what you have today to deliver value quickly. Then measure, analyze and improve with the support of our transformation team

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Track quality before and after the procedure

Determine patient intent, need and functional scores before the procedure to learn how the patient measures success for their intervention. Then follow up for up to 5 years afterwards, entirely automatically, to track their recovery. During the first 90 days, Lumeon will sensitize their recovery and look for risk of readmission, escalating them automatically if it looks like there could be a complication. Beyond 90 days, Lumeon tracks overall outcome and can help you ensure that your patients are getting the recovery they deserve

Lumeon can help you calculate Care Orchestration ROI

Key Capabilities

Patient Intake

Digital, automated, perfectly timed pre-op questionnaire.

Risk Stratification

Automated risk algorithms stratify patients into high, medium, low risk.

Lab Management

Suggests orders via automated review of clinical indicators, results, orders and more.

Patient Preparation

Digital, automated, patient pre-surgery communications.

Intra-op Comms

Keeping the family and caregiver informed during surgery.

Post Follow Up

Digital, automated, post-op survey and nurse escalation.