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Eliminate friction and
boost productivity by 66%

Fast track patients into procedures & surgery

Lumeon risk stratifies patients and fast tracks them with personalized, light touch automated care coordination, reducing unnecessary in-person visits and tasks.

Reimagine surgery prep

Designed to optimize the
way you work

Because your care is unique, Lumeon automates your processes. Lumeon enables consistent, high-quality, and right-sized care for every patient, every time.

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Boost efficiency and
free up staff time

By applying automation to care coordination planning and execution, Lumeon saves time for over-burdened care team members, who previously often did every task manually. The result is greater staff efficiency and expedited patient care flow.

Lumeon can help you calculate Care Orchestration ROI

Key Capabilities

Patient Intake

Digital, automated, perfectly timed pre-op questionnaire.

Risk Stratification

Automated risk algorithms stratify patients into high, medium, low risk.

Lab Management

Suggests orders via automated review of clinical indicators, results, orders and more.

Patient Preparation

Digital, automated, patient pre-surgery communications.

Intra-op Comms

Keeping the family and caregiver informed during surgery.

Post Follow Up

Digital, automated, post-op survey and nurse escalation.