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Proven expertise for value delivery

Digital transformation in healthcare requires not just software, it requires a deep understanding of your systems, processes and workflows.

Software implementation often fails to deliver on its objectives because the vendor doesnt take the time to understand where you are today and account for that in its promises. As a result, you have expectations that arent met and problems that remain unsolved.

Lumeons approach to delivery is designed to build on a deep understanding of how you work today to ensure that when we build a transformation plan and target, we do that in a way that is grounded in reality and delivers both the outcome you need and a safe, predictable path to getting there.

The result of your partnership with Lumeon is a care orchestration solution that works for you to dramatically streamline care team workflow and improve patient care.

Lumeon’s partnership approach

Lumeon’s Professional Services team engages with clients in four areas:



Joint current state assessment, opportunity analysis, IT/organizational readiness, future state redesign and devise success criteria, KPIs, and metrics.


Advanced implementation methodology that covers current state mapping, process workflows and development operations through integration, configuration, and training to measure and ensure success targets are met.


Using industry best practices, effective support, analytics, and system health checks to ensure the required targets are met and quantifiable value is delivered to stakeholders.


Working with you to ensure proven outcomes and ROI, process and staffing optimization, and ongoing innovations across multiple use cases and alternate settings of care, in line with organizational strategy.

The delivery and transformation team

Who we are

Lumeon Professional Services is a crossfunctional group of experts, including business analysts, integration engineers, implementation consultants, education and training specialists, and support engineers. Team members have decades of experience in the healthcare industry and a range of domains such as clinical, operational improvement, business process reengineering, software design, project management, implementation, support, customer support. 

How we work

Lumeon has over 15 years of experience collaborating with large healthcare providers health systems, hospitals, and specialty practices to transform care delivery operations. Over that time, we have developed a unique methodology to ensure success. We work closely with each clients clinical and operational team(s) on the ground to understand current processes and best practice protocols, and to develop journey maps that can be deployed quickly and seamlessly into your environment. We consider your technology and workflow challenges and incorporate approaches based on best practices to suit.

A proven methodology that delivers success at scale

The Lumeon Platform

Core to our success is our ability to localize our software to your processes and build a transformation program that is based in reality and understanding, not assumptions and confusion.

Our software is designed from the ground up to not only work with existing APIs, but have the ability to adapt workflows and triggers based on specific constraints that are unique to you. Maybe you have a labs provider that is external to your EHR, or maybe you run multiple instances of your core systems; these are all typical patterns that we see and can accommodate in our deployment plans.

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