Lumeon Continues to Positively Impact Healthcare Market

Digital Healthcare Innovator Gains Momentum

27 October 2016 – Lumeon continues to make its impact to the healthcare market known. Amongst its most recent successes, the company launched a new brand and product offering, was featured by a leading analyst firm, selected for an NHS accelerator, won an industry award, and grew its leadership team.

New Brand, Marketplace and Community

Lumeon unveiled its new brand which better reflects the brighter thinking that’s enabled the company to deliver transformational changes to most of the UK’s largest private providers in healthcare delivery. To further accelerate business transformation, Lumeon launched its Care Pathway Marketplace, where the entire healthcare ecosystem – payors, providers and partners – can purchase and sell care pathways, enabling new revenue streams and accelerating the design and delivery of new care models.  Additionally, Lumeon launched its Care Pathway Community, which brings together leading clinical, operational and academic healthcare professionals to establish innovative ‘gold standard’ care pathways of the future.

Featured in Leading Analyst Report

Leading IT analyst firm Ovum featured Lumeon in its “On the Radar” report for delivering a simple, out-of-the-box approach to designing and implementing care pathways that result in better measurable patient outcomes with reduced costs. Ovum noted that Lumeon paves the way for the transition to a cloud-based tool set that pulls together existing patient and administration data to support the speedy delivery of ICPs and optimise pathways depending on the availability of resources.

 Named Best Digital Healthcare Company

Lumeon was named the “Best Digital Healthcare Company” by Corporate Vision in its 2016 Technology Innovator awards. The prestigious awards spotlight the pioneering IT firms that develop and implement cutting-edge technologies that will continue to enhance and fundamentally alter the business world for the better for many years to come.

Selected to NHS Accelerator

Lumeon was one of 32 companies accepted into the pioneering DigitalHealth.London accelerator, a programme designed to help digital health businesses adopt and refine their innovations to improve the lives of patients and the efficiency of the NHS and wider healthcare sector.

Deployed by UK’s Leading Independent Provider of Medical Imaging Services

Alliance Medical announced that it deployed Lumeon’s technology across its entire network, consolidating 14 disconnected systems, enabling the re-design of Alliance’s care pathways to reduce resourcing costs in certain cases by up to 30 per cent and invoice validation by 93 per cent, whilst improving referral process times and delivering better engagement with patients and referrers.

Expanded Leadership Team

Lumeon hired Mike Wilkinson to lead marketing and product management. Mike joined Lumeon from Broadsoft and will focus on forging Lumeon’s leadership position in a disruptive market, detailing the Care Pathway Manager roadmap and expanding the company’s Marketplace and Community efforts.

Robbie Hughes, CEO of Lumeon, said, “It’s impressive to see the successes and recognition we’ve achieved over the past quarter, but we’re just getting started. We have more to come in Q3, and we look forward to continue helping bring business transformation to the healthcare industry.”