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What is the Lumeon Community?

Lumeon Care Pathway Community brings together leading clinical, operational and academic healthcare professionals to establish innovative ‘gold standard’ care pathways that generate best practice across the entire patient journey.

Our community draws upon the expertise of people who have practical and research experience in care pathway management and development. Our aim is to find a scalable solution to bottlenecks in patient journeys, missed targets, errors and overloaded resources, by tackling care pathways at an operational, as well as clinical level.

The healthcare industry has made some progress towards value-based care, but is at the mercy of fragmented processes and unwarranted variation. At best, this leads to inefficiency and a waste of already stretched resources. At worst, this claims lives.

We want to change this.

Our community is developing state-of-the-art, technology-enabled care pathways that will be shared for wider benefit throughout the healthcare ecosystem, to deliver better healthcare at lower cost.

Join the community

Help define the care pathways of the future

We’re looking for clinical and operational healthcare professionals across private and public sectors to join our community to help define the care pathways of the future.

Why join our community?

• Be the first to create new, efficient and pioneering care pathways
• Network and collaborate with thought leaders across organisational boundaries
• Create public awareness and benefit from a new market, sharing pathways globally

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