In part 3, we examine wastefulness in innovation practices, identify potential causes, and how we can better scale best practice across the healthcare system.

Reinventing the healthcare wheel: innovation waste and scaling best practice

The benefits of implementing standardized best practice to reduce unwarranted variation are well known and accepted. Despite the occasional tension between independently-minded physicians and business-minded healthcare executives, it is becoming increasingly clear that to deliver care in a world of increasing lifespans and chronic disease, the system must change. With value-based care heralded as the solution to delivering high-quality care at low cost, those organizations at the bleeding edge are innovating and transforming their systems with concerted effort. However, each organization usually goes through its own long and resource-intensive process of designing, piloting, implementing and rolling-out new value-based ways of working. Letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend may be a valid market-driven approach to innovation, but when facing system-wide failure, is it really plausible to have each player invest in successfully or unsuccessfully figuring things out for themselves? This article explores how healthcare organizations go about transforming their ways of working, why many are reinventing the wheel and wasting resource in doing so, and how we can move to better ways of scaling best practice.

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