By Lori Lawrence and Luis Mora, Business Development Executives, Lumeon

This year was the first time that Lumeon participated in the Interdisciplinary Conference on Orthopedic Value Based Care, which took place at Newport Beach at the end of February. It was a fantastic show with some really interesting conversations and such positive energy.

The conference promised “to break the silos and bring together physicians, executives, nurses, and pharmaceutical leaders to solve the most pressing problems facing orthopedic healthcare today and actualize the most promising value-based care opportunities to improve orthopedic health…” and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Of particular interest was the strength of feeling that digital transformation can be used as a way to increase efficiency both for care teams and surgeons, and address the issue of fragmented patient engagement.

This is something we at Lumeon have long believed in – reinforced after meeting so many attendees, including those from UCLA, NorthBay, Sutter, Orthopedics Northwest, PIH, HealthFirst, UC Irvine and others who all share the same challenges of finding ways to connect fragmented care teams within and beyond the walls of the hospital.

Several attendees spoke to us about the importance of preparing patients for surgery, using care team resources more efficiently and effectively. We were also so excited to hear more about ways to ensure proactive engagement with patients, including mechanisms for the patient to get more information, to ask questions, and ensure they are fully prepared for their procedure.

One aspect of this is the delivery of digital pre-surgical readiness surveys and assessments, including social determinants, preferences, and history. This, when combined with the patient’s existing EHR information, provides a more complete view of potential risks for the care team to address and forms part of the risk evaluation, which is important throughout the perioperative process.

In addition, there was clear recognition that the care transition after the procedure will be better if pre-surgical readiness is well managed, while ensuring the surgical journey ahead is well-coordinated. It is here where Lumeon’s cloud-platform comes into its own by connecting, coordinating and automating the patient’s care pathway.

We had lots of discussions about the importance of having relevant clinical content to help the patient prepare for surgery and how Lumeon is enabling healthcare organizations to automate the delivery of this content throughout the care journey.

While we look forward to next year’s event, we would be happy to hear your thoughts on these topics. For more information on our Surgery solution, click here.