By Lawrence Petalidis – Digital Health (NHS) Navigator for DigitalHealth.London.

Lawrence works closely with Lumeon, who were accepted onto the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme last October. The scheme aims to match NHS Trusts with innovative tech companies to overcome their particular challenges and improve the lives of patients.

Recently I joined representatives from Lumeon on a visit to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s maternity services. Our mission was to discuss post-natal patient management solutions and to see if Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management platform could help digitize and improve efficiency within this particular pathway. From the Lumeon side, we had a Senior Account Executive, Stephan Zentgraf and his team, while Chelsea and Westminster hospital was represented by a Consultant Obstetrician.

This was their third visit, with two previous discussions focusing on a detailed exploration of the existing processes and ‘as is’ states. The team diligently noted existing ways of working turned a substantial amount of information into a clear, functional demo of their solution. The demonstration was truly customized to Chelsea and Westminster hospital and reflected an impressive amount of a pre-sale preparation.

The Lumeon team showed diligence and energy in delivering an impressive, bespoke presentation. A great amount of work had gone into getting to the level of detail to understand and interpret requirements.

In my about 10 years of commercial roles, I have seldom seen such diligence in a pre-sale prep. Suffice to say the Consultant Obstetrician was left almost literally speechless. So I say, hats off guys, *this is how it’s done!*

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