By Michael Boyce, U.S. Integration Architects Team Lead

You know what it’s like, your marketing team ask you to explain just how the software platform you’ve been integrating with the EHRs of some pretty large health systems can make a real difference to patient experience. So, here goes…

One of the key elements of Lumeon’s unique platform is that it transforms the patient journey through automation and ensures health systems are able to provide the best possible patient experience. It does this by autonomously coordinating the patient care journey, dynamically communicating data across platforms, and enhancing Electronic Health Records for use across care settings and functional silos. Lumeon’s technology bridges the gaps in these large health systems by using the valuable existing data already in the Electronic Health Record, requesting and merging missing data, and ultimately actioning this data to increase care efficiency, patient and team communication, thus unifying the patient experience.

The role of integration in the Lumeon solution

To successfully automate the patient care journey, Lumeon utilizes data from relevant sources to make intelligent, timely decisions and take actions. Examples of this would be appointment data, lab requests and results, medications, allergies, and relevant data from the patient’s medical history. Data enters the platform either from the Electronic Health Record system, patient electronic form or message entered data, or as data entered by the care team.  All data in the platform is made available to activate the patient journey, making it interactive, automating decisions, personalizing communications, and further adding to the intelligence in the pathway.

The goal of our integration solutions

The more accessible and real time data is, the more relevant the experience becomes. To accomplish this, we employ a flexible combination of data standards and connectivity, with a proven deployment methodology. Careful consideration is made to acquiring applicable data, with a strong consideration for the availability of client resources. This flexibility allows us to deploy our solutions quickly and reliably, with minimal effort.  Our integration platform adheres to clients’ standards and technologies, quickly expanding to address new requirements as they become available. The ultimate goal of our integration solutions, and something that makes them standout, is our strong integration DNA – leveraging the EHR record – to fluidly automate, coordinate, and personalize the patient’s digital experience.

The technologies we use

At Lumeon, we continue to enhance our integration capabilities as new technologies become available. Our membership in the Epic App Orchard and our published applications for Appointment Reminders, Virtual Care and Telehealth provides Epic customers with easily accessible integration options, which are critical to breaking down data silos. We also offer HL7 and FHIR, private API, and standard SFTP file integrations. The configurable Lumeon Pathway Engine drives patient and care team interaction and task coordination, ensuring the solution goes beyond storage of medical data, using it to take action.

Epic EHR integration

The key to delivering the best patient and care team experience is tied back into our deep integration with the Epic EHR. This approach consists of a real time integration, where the platform dynamically interacts with the EHR, is always in sync and immediately detects triggers and actions relevant to the patient experience, for example, a diagnostic imaging referral that requires an appointment to be booked. By deploying workflow that actively listens to new data signals in real time, our Epic EHR data integration becomes more powerful, enabling communications, tasks, and instructions to be coordinated around the patient’s needs from one platform. This strategy improves the patient experience, while also streamlining the workflow in the EHR, reducing the burden on patient care teams.

An image showing how Lumeon extends the reach of the Epic EHR

The next steps in integration

Lumeon continues to break new ground in integration optimization. We are working with the Epic App Orchard to further deepen our integration credentials.   This rolls up into our integration roadmap bridging the gaps in care by joining disparate data points to interact together and drive action. The Lumeon integration team use our experience and expertise to work with our clients to build solutions that are reliable, maintainable, and scalable based on each client’s needs.

Discover how Lumeon can help you achieve your objectives through better automation and orchestration of your patient and team experience by contacting us below.