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Staff and operations

Greg Miller, Chief Growth Officer, Lumeon (Booth 1338)

Greg Miller Headshot“We talk with Health System executives every day, and the common theme is their urgent need to solve for workforce challenges, while also reducing costs. Automation in other industries (banking, insurance, travel, etc.) has proven to have a positive impact on both workforce and cost reduction, while actually improving the customer experience. In healthcare delivery, there are many frequent, manual, repetitive processes that a computer is better suited to do, but instead, we task clinicians and staff to do them. I believe that you will see an increase in health systems focused on automated care process orchestration. The goal of orchestration is to streamline and optimize the execution of frequent, repeatable processes and thus to help care teams more easily manage complex tasks and workflows. Anytime a process is repeatable, and its tasks can be automated, orchestration can be applied to save time, increase efficiency, and reduce costs, while also enhancing the predictability and reliability of outcomes.”