Lumeon’s Platform Orchestrates First of a Kind Hybrid Virtual and In-Person Programme for UK’s largest healthcare charity

LONDON – June 8, 2021Lumeon, the care journey orchestration leader, today announced that it is enabling Nuffield Health’s COVID-19 Rehabilitation Programme, the UK’s first specialist programme to support patients recovering from the effects of long COVID. Integration with Lumeon’s Care Journey Orchestration platform has allowed Nuffield Health to scale the programme across 40 regional centres to date.

COVID-19 patients are often discharged from the hospital with no formal recovery plan, resulting in a longer recovery process and prolonged side effects. The effects of COVID-19 leave some people with lasting physical damage and scarring to their lungs, leading to difficulty with breathing and mobility or exacerbating underlying health issues like heart disease, diabetes, and mental health conditions.

Nuffield Health’s programme blends physical therapy and emotional support to help participants recover from lingering symptoms of COVID-19. Over the course of 12 weeks, participants work with a rehabilitation specialist to design a recovery plan consisting of at-home and in-person exercise sessions, emotional support calls, and access to a community of participants where they can share their experiences. Programme experts also share advice on coping with fatigue, managing breathlessness, anxiety, improving sleep, and eating for recovery.

Lumeon’s Care Journey Orchestration platform powers Nuffield Health’s COVID-19 Rehabilitation Programme. Through integration with Nuffield Health’s Salesforce platform, Lumeon automatically delivers an initial Patient Assessment Questionnaire to patients placed on the programme. Based on their response, a patient triage session is triggered, leading to creating a personalised recovery plan of care for the patient, consisting of three rehabilitation sessions per week for 12 weeks. Weekly sessions include a group gym session, a one-to-one telehealth session, and optional drop-in sessions. Patient-reported outcomes are automatically measured at intervals, five times over the duration of the programme, and shared with Nuffield Health’s staff.

“We recognise there is an unmet need to support people with specialised rehabilitation after contracting COVID-19,” said David Ankers, Nuffield Health Technology Strategy and Delivery Director. “As the UK’s largest healthcare charity working to build a healthier nation, we have a duty to ensure that participants on our programme are put on the best path to recovery. But we cannot do it alone. Working with digital health providers like Lumeon allows us to provide rehabilitation programmes that work much harder and more effectively for us and the participants we serve.”

“Rapid intervention with COVID rehabilitation is vitally important to peoples’ long-term health. However, getting it right and scaling it when care teams are stretched is also essential,” said Robbie Hughes, Lumeon CEO. “This is where the healthcare industry is increasingly capitalizing on Lumeon’s automation technology to help ease the burden on care teams and choreograph people’s care journey with precision. At Lumeon, we are proud to have been able to support Nuffield Health with such as critically important programme.”

Download the Nuffield Health Case Study here.


About Lumeon

Lumeon’s care journey orchestration platform helps health systems scale efficient, effective care delivery both within and beyond their hospitals’ four walls.

Lumeon’s industry-leading solutions address the needs of patient access, surgery, and population health, amongst many others. They transform the EHR into an agile care delivery platform that navigates the patient along a personalized, adaptive care plan, coordinating the care team to deliver the right care, at the right time, every time. At every step along the journey, they harmonize care, communication, tasks, and decisions to increase compliance and productivity, free up capacity, and deliver superior outcomes at a reduced cost.

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About Nuffield Health

Nuffield Health is the UK’s largest healthcare charity. For the last 60 years, Nuffield Health’s experts have been working together to make the nation fitter, healthier, happier and stronger, all for the public benefit. We do this through outstanding day-to-day services in our family of 31 award-winning hospitals, 113 fitness and wellbeing centres, healthcare clinics, and over 150 workplace wellbeing services, and through our flagship programmes to support communities by widening access.

What makes us unique is the breadth of our expertise to provide connected care spanning from personal training and health assessments to supporting people on their fitness journeys, helping patients recover with physiotherapy or emotional wellbeing services, or providing hospital treatments for illness and serious conditions like arthritis or cancer.

Nuffield Health delivers unsurpassed standards, with a sector-leading 94% of our hospitals judged good or excellent by national regulators, so it’s no surprise that we’re trusted by the NHS, private medical insurers, employers and the general public to provide exceptional health and wellbeing services to the nation.

But what also makes us different is our commitment to our flagship programmes to widen access, be that improving the lives of hundreds of children with cystic fibrosis through free exercise classes, or by pioneering the world’s largest research project into how exercise can help men recovering from prostate cancer, or by partnering with schools to provide thousands of pupils with free timetabled programmes to improve their health and wellbeing.

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