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May 15, 2023: Robbie Hughes, Founder and CEO at Lumeon joins Bill for the news. How does Lumeon help healthcare providers cope with workforce challenges and the need to do more with less? How can technology help address the shortage of clinicians, and what are some of the potential implications of this technology for the healthcare industry? What are some of the challenges associated with using large language models like ChatGPT in the field? How can subjective narrative in care delivery be turned into a structure that can be used to eliminate interpretation handoffs and create trust and completeness in records? How can technology be used to make care delivery more evidence-based and science-based, while still incorporating human compassion and relationships? Will home-based care become a significant part of healthcare delivery in the next five years? How can healthcare providers balance reimbursement issues with the practical issues of delivering care in the home?

Key Points:

  • Lumeon’s Care Orchestration Platform
  • Coping with Workforce Challenges
  • Technology and the Shortage of Clinicians
  • Large Language Models in Healthcare
  • Objective data and subjective narrative in care delivery
  • Home-based care delivery
  • Reimbursement issues in healthcare delivery

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