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October 4, 2023: Robbie Hughes, CEO at Lumeon joins Bill for the news. How can healthcare strike a balance between leveraging technology for lower-risk patients and maintaining a human touch amid clinician shortages? How should existing healthcare providers adapt to compete with emerging consumer-centric players like Walmart and Walgreens? As value-based payments impact appointment availability, what alternatives can maintain both quality and accessibility of care? How can health systems evolve their business models and secure the “first dollar” in a shifting market landscape? How should the increasing consumerization of healthcare and patients’ immediate action desires be addressed, considering clinical recommendations for patient-centered approaches? What potential lies in tech-amplified centers of excellence like back pain clinics, and which areas might benefit from similar focus? How does the prioritization of value-based care overlook urgent medical issues, affecting patient wellbeing and healthcare efficiency? And as external competition from companies like Amazon and Walmart increases, how must traditional healthcare systems adapt to ensure effective patient care?

Key Points:

  • Business Model Evolution
  • Tech-Enhanced Care Coordination
  • Value-Based Care Challenges
  • Consumerization and Choice
  • Retail Competition and Disruption
  • Centralization and Operational Efficiency