Care orchestration platform further enables clinical automation at scale, resulting in rapid clinical, operational, and patient experience benefits

BOSTON – October 10, 2023 – Lumeon, the pioneer in clinical workflow automation solutions for health systems, announced today the next evolution of its SaaS platform: Lumeon Conductor™. Where care delivery today is labor intensive, highly variable, and expensive, Conductor bridges the gap between clinical intention and operational execution with clinical workflow automation that personalizes care at scale. The result is rapid clinical, operational, and patient experience benefits, all enabled through existing EHR workflows.

Analogous to the maestro of a symphony, Lumeon Conductor orchestrates intricate care processes in real time across complex environments. Building on 15 years of proven automation technology and results attainment, Conductor amplifies EHR investments and personalizes activities, orders, tasks and engagement to each patient’s individual needs.

“Our unique clinical workflow automation fills the gap left by patient engagement, PHM, and digital front door solutions that aim to improve access but don’t then follow through to help with the increased demand on the care team,” said Robbie Hughes, CEO and founder of Lumeon. “Care teams all over the world know what good looks like, their struggle is getting it done consistently at the scale they need while facing daily workforce challenges. With Lumeon Conductor, we move care delivery from one size fits all to a highly personalized approach that ensures that we are managing each patient’s care as an individual, strategically weaving ‘digital’ into the clinical care journey to automate what can be automated, and freeing the care team up to look after those that need it most,” he added.

Lumeon Conductor includes new capabilities that help health systems deliver personalization at scale:

  • Boost command center ROI. Healthcare organizations are increasingly investing in command centers to broaden operational visibility across care settings and glean intelligence to improve care coordination, patient communication, and transitions of care. Conductor’s Command Center Orchestration links command centers into EHR workflows, using remote automated decision support to ensure that best practices are always followed, no matter where decisions are made.
  • Scale digital rounding. Quickly identify patient cohorts across ambulatory and inpatient settings, enabling clinical, multidisciplinary, and patient review; and surfacing real-time documentation, action capture, and assignment. Conductor algorithmically gathers the latest information from multiple sources and highlights the next best action, to ensure the right care is delivered to the right patient at the right time – every time.
  • Communicate with patients faster and easier. Conductor’s Campaign Builder allows for real-time communication to hundreds of thousands of patients – via text message and/or automated voice calls – to update for emergency events, appointment details, care needs, and marketing efforts. Messages can easily be customized with patient-specific data, and patient responses are tracked to dynamically adapt outreach in real-time to ensure messages are received and replied to.

Lumeon Conductor delivers transformative results for major hospitals and health systems across the U.S. and Europe:

  • Projected $18.2M in annual savings for a large state-owned health system
  • Preop productivity boosted by 66% for a large health system
  • Reduced no-show rate by 29% for a California university health system
  • Improved patient satisfaction by 60% for a large private health system

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About Lumeon

Lumeon helps care teams close the gap between clinical intent and operational execution at scale with our Conductor SaaS platform. Lumeon Conductor™ enhances the EMR with proprietary clinical automation to algorithmically create the optimal care plan for every patient, in real time, individualized to their specific need, taking into account social, clinical and operational factors that drive access, quality and efficiency. Lumeon transformed the care journeys of over 10M patients in the last 12 months and has proven to improve care team capacity by 60%, improve patient satisfaction by 83% and markedly improve revenue. Lumeon’s portfolio of solutions span perioperative efficiency, management of ambulatory care, discharge planning, and acute care at home, delivering ROI in as little as three months.


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