Allows Healthcare Providers to Streamline Administrative and Clinical Processes, Delivering Better Patient Outcomes for Less Cost

Lumeon today announced the launch of Release X. Features in this release include business and clinical analytics, a pathway focused workflow engine, and customisable patient communications schemes, all of which result in the creation and delivery of better quality care with improved outcomes at significantly lower cost.

Healthcare providers are struggling to connect their disparate siloed clinical and administrative IT systems into a unified and collaborative solution that addresses the full patient journey; the result is increased administrative time and less face-to-face time with patients. In a recent study from Accenture , 55 per cent of UK providers and 71 per cent of US providers said that healthcare IT has decreased time spent with patients.

Lumeon’s Release X provides a single, real-time view of the entire patient journey from referral to discharge. It gives providers the ability to design and automate their own pathways, enabling each patient to be automatically progressed through their personal care journey.

“Lumeon has been a great partner in helping us improve the way we deliver care,” said Guy Blomfield, CEO of Alliance Medical, Europe’s largest medical services provider. “We are looking forward to learning more about these new features and how they can benefit our patient experiences.”

Key new features of Release X include:

Business and Clinical Analytics

Lumeon Analytics provides instant access to real-time clinical and administrative data across all specialties and sites, integrating with external pathology, PACS and Patient Administration Systems (PAS). It comes with a standard set of business and clinical reports pre-loaded and a “drag and drop” facility so customers can easily create their own reports and dashboards. By having all clinical and business intelligence in one place, customers are better able to forecast requirements, plan resources and run their organisations more efficiently.

Workflow Engine

Workflow Engine reduces administrative overhead by actively managing each patient’s pathway in real time, using “if this, then that” rules to automatically calculate how to progress their journey. This enables providers to model their own unique administrative and clinical pathways, across all specialties, delivering better care with less effort.

Communications Schemes

Lumeon’s Communications Schemes give patients and providers better engagement and reduces “did not attend” (DNAs) by automatically setting preferred personal communications strategies across the patient journey. Patients can select their preferred modes of communication and corporates can create rules to ensure that their employees and patients are contacted only in line with overriding corporate guidelines.

Jon Dore, Operations Director at Optegra, said, “We’ve been using Release X to implement new care pathways, and we’ve been impressed with its flexibility. We’ve embedded new customer communications channels directly into our care pathways, which enables us to continually monitor and improve the patient experience and care we deliver.”

“The Healthcare market is trying to solve 21st Century problems with 20th Century technology,” said Robbie Hughes, Lumeon CEO. “Our unique patient journey approach delivers better care for less money by joining up the patient journey and automating the delivery of care. With the new features in Release X, providers will have even greater control over the patient journey releasing clinicians and support staff from unnecessary activities, resulting in a better patient experience.”