29 November, 2016 – Lumeon is set to transform the population health management market with the launch of its second release of Lumeon Care Pathway Manager (CPM). The latest product enhancements, including a mobile patient app, enhanced pathway automation and a range of APIs, give providers the ability to deliver automated pathway based care on a mass scale.

A central focus of this release is the fast growing Population Health Management (PHM) market. According to a recent report from Grand View Research, PHM is expected to improve clinical outcomes by aiding in better disease management, resulting in reduction of inpatient stay durations and reducing overall physician observation hours.

“The major issue with population health management systems today is they are inherently passive – providing analysis and reporting on groups of patients and simply highlighting issues for care teams to deal with,” said Mike Wilkinson, vice president of marketing and product management, Lumeon. “With Lumeon’s new release we use a combination of digital patient engagement and workflow automation to actively manage a population on a variety of pathways to achieve a step-change in mass patient care.”

Key Care Pathway Manager Release 2 features include:

Lumeon Navigator Mobile App

Designed to drive digital patient engagement, the Navigator app provides patients a powerful scheduling, outcome reporting and messaging tool. Patients can agree and track goals and outcomes alongside their clinician with their progress tracked via the tool and linked to the pathway engine to allow agile management of patients along their care pathway.

Pathway Engine Automation Enhancements

Enhancements to the Pathway Engine allow providers to automate even more of the patient journey with less staff effort and keep their clinicians operating at the top of their license. Appointment-based triggers start a series of actions for a patient upon booking, and once a series has started or appointment completed, the patient is provided details of future follow-up. Automatic prompts allow health advisors to escalate if a patient is not contactable.

Enhanced APIs for Digital Engagement

New booking APIs provide a number of integration end-points that can be used flexibly, in combination or separately, to support a number of different processes including booking, editing or paying for appointments online.

The CPM2 platform will be made available from December 2016.

For more about Lumeon Care Pathway Manager Release 2, visit http://bit.ly/2gyJq7b.