BOSTON – December 8, 2020Lumeon, the leader in care automation, announced today that it has been recognized as a “Top 10 Surgery Solution Provider” by Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine, for “Reimagining Preoperative Readiness and Enhancing Revenue.”

Preoperative readiness is crucial for ensuring surgery success – it reduces postoperative complications, length of hospital stays, readmissions, and improves recovery times. But most preoperative care processes today are fragmented, involving numerous nurses, in-person appointments and outbound calls. This fragmentation not only weighs down care teams and hikes up costs, but also negatively impacts the patient experience and surgery outcomes.

Lumeon’s platform has been recognized for its ability to automate and orchestrate care delivery processes, creating simple, highly coordinated and consumer-like experiences across the care spectrum – from referral through to recovery. Through a unique combination of patient engagement, care coordination, and decision support, Lumeon’s technology seamlessly connects patients with care teams to create more efficient care journeys.

For preoperative care, this means that health systems can increase patient flow and nurse utilization, reduce late operating room cancellations and delays, improve the lab test order process, and satisfy patient compliance to ERAS protocols and preoperative home instructions. By enhancing the coordination of these care activities, Lumeon’s solution allows providers to improve the overall patient experience while minimizing care team overhead and driving higher margins for the business – critical capabilities as hospital systems get back up and running in a world of COVID.

“It is an honor to be recognized as one of the top surgery solution providers of the year – particularly at a time when the perioperative care experience as we know it has been upended by COVID-19,” said Robbie Hughes, Lumeon founder and CEO. “Our platform has turned into a silver lining for providers, helping them transform the traditional in-person experience into an automated, hybrid care experience that brings telehealth into the picture.”

Through virtual communication, assessment, triage, screening, instruction, check-in, and monitoring before, during, and after surgery, Lumeon’s solution allows providers to determine what form of care delivery is most suitable for each individual patient, bringing these hybrid models to life.

Hughes continued, “By enacting hybrid care experiences, surgery centers can start to recover revenue and re-engage patients, all while keeping them safe and reducing their anxiety about entering the care facility.”

“We are glad to announce Lumeon has been selected as one of the Top 10 Surgery Solution Providers 2020,” said Alex D’Souza, Managing Editor of Healthcare Tech Outlook. “The Lumeon platform incorporates a powerful pathway engine that pulls data from the EHR and dynamically personalizes the care experience for patients while guiding the care team along the way.”

To learn more about how Lumeon is reimagining preoperative care and enhancing revenue for healthcare providers, including Keck Medicine of USC, read the Healthcare Tech Outlook cover story here.


About Lumeon

Lumeon helps health systems take control of their care delivery processes by orchestrating and automating care journeys to operate with predictability and efficiency.

Its industry-leading solutions act as the ‘auto-pilot’ for healthcare delivery, navigating the patient care journey while coordinating care teams, communication, tasks, and decisions to increase revenue, optimize resource utilization, and deliver superior outcomes at less cost.

Lumeon’s solutions are enabled by their cloud-based care pathway management (CPM) platform. Capitalizing on the patient’s electronic health record (EHR), health systems can start simply with immediate benefits and evolve to orchestrate their entire care process.

More than 70 progressive health systems across 12 countries have deployed Lumeon’s multi-award-winning platform.


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