15 June 2015

After a considerable period of testing, Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform is now accredited to integrate with the new NHS e-Referral Service.

The e-Referral service aims to improve the quality of the referral experience for patients, putting them at the centre of decision making. As with Choose and Book, customers can browse appointments online with their GP or at home. They will be provided with a referral reference number and can select a time and location of their choice.

In addition, the new service is designed to provide a faster, more user-friendly experience. The eventual vision is to support more diagnostic services, allow any clinician to electronically refer a patient onwards, as well as enabling patient to self-refer and choose follow-up appointments.

Lumeon can help providers automatically publish their Directory of Services to the new e-Referral system. Each e-referral is then tracked throughout the entire patient journey with real-time data triggering automatic administration. These automatic actions are personalised to each patient depending upon how each individual’s data fits rules defined by providers. This means we can provide an even better experience and best possible outcome for every individual.

Kevin Lindemann, Head of Product at Lumeon said: “Lumeon integrates seamlessly with the new system and together we have the opportunity to make significant improvements to the experience for patients and providers. There were known drawbacks with Choose and Book which the NHS is addressing after carrying out an extensive stakeholder survey. Now they are working hard to hit their target of 80 per cent of referrals being electronic by March 2016 and going entirely paperless by 2018.

Of course, its early days for e-Referral Service. That said, we are confident it will result in a greater volume of electronic referrals and that through Lumeon’s complementary platform, we can manage e-referrals even faster, transforming the patient experience.”