New solution from Lumeon enables healthcare providers to quickly launch patient outreach, self-scheduling, and surveys for large scale vaccination programs


BOSTON – January 19, 2021Lumeon, the leader in care journey orchestration, today announced the launch of its COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign Management solution, allowing healthcare providers to rapidly deploy vaccination programs and alleviate the pressure on care teams with automated patient outreach, self-scheduling, and surveys.

Administering the COVID-19 vaccine to the general public is expected to create an incredibly complex logistical challenge for health systems. Achieving herd immunity requires an estimated 50 to 80 percent of a population to be vaccinated – in the United States, this would mean vaccinating between 164 million and 226 million citizens. Care teams will be tasked with juggling an immense load of scheduling patients, preparing and counseling them, making sure they turn up to their appointments, and providing care to those experiencing adverse side-effects.

Based on Lumeon’s proven flu and population screening solutions, the COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign Management solution alleviates this burden by orchestrating the vaccine scheduling process. It enables healthcare workers to contact patients at scale via email or SMS, providing a link for patients to self-schedule their appointments at their preferred clinic. Once patients select their preferred appointment slots, Lumeon’s solution then synchronizes these slots with the provider’s own scheduling system and continues to educate and engage the patient to reduce no-shows, instruct the patient about arrival logistics, what to expect, and monitor them for adverse effects.

The solution is simple to use and fast to deploy, with phased deployment requiring zero integration at the outset with providers’ existing scheduling tools or the EHR.

“Healthcare systems across the world are coming upon an unprecedented logistical challenge that will overwhelm them if they don’t have the correct processes in place,” said Robbie Hughes, Lumeon CEO. “Orchestrating as much of vaccine demand management and scheduling process as possible will be key to ensuring patients are vaccinated quickly and seamlessly, while reducing the burden on care teams so that they can continue to focus on their most critical patients and tasks. Our platform can be deployed with zero integration so providers can get up and running with the solution immediately, especially now that the vaccine’s distribution is picking up speed.”

Hughes continued, “The potential of orchestration in administering vaccines reaches far beyond COVID-19. From flu shots to tetanus boosters and other required screenings, having the ability to create more efficient care processes through care journey orchestration will be a boon for healthcare provider revenue for decades to come.”

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