New solution from Lumeon enables healthcare providers to perfectly sequence self-scheduling events along a care journey to stop revenue leakage and boost productivity

BOSTON – March 23, 2021Lumeon, the leader in care journey orchestration, today announced the launch of its latest solution, Patient Self-Scheduling. This launch adds to an already comprehensive armory of capabilities, enabling providers to quickly design and launch continuous, self-service care experiences with a single enterprise platform.

According to a recent study, patient experience and access were rated as top differentiators for hospitals in 2021. At the same time, hospitals are grappling with a nursing shortage – according to projected data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. will need 1.1 million new registered nurses by 2022. Addressing these dual priorities requires health systems to think beyond basic telehealth video calls, and design virtual care experiences that are streamlined and automated to enhance patient access while relieving the strain on teams.

Lumeon’s Patient Self-Scheduling goes beyond other solutions by inviting patients to schedule visits online, on their time, seamlessly, as part of a programmable care journey. Integrating with the provider’s EHR, Lumeon’s solution ensures that scheduling events are sequenced and automatically triggered, keeping the patient on track and ensuring timely follow up. This simple, patient-friendly self-scheduling experience invites patients via SMS or email without the need for patients to login. Messages offer personalized slots relevant to each patients’ language, location, and visit type.

Patient Self-Scheduling can be used for many routine appointment scenarios such as diagnostic imaging, canceled or missed, vaccinations, post-discharge primary care, pre-surgery assessment, post-surgery follow-up, women’s and men’s health check-ups, and more.

Lumeon’s Patient Self-Scheduling also helps ensure all reimbursable visits are scheduled, and patient leakage is minimized. It relieves schedulers and care teams from the burden of manually calling and chasing patients to schedule their visits, improving scheduler capacity and patient care plan compliance.

“Self-scheduling is a simple, yet powerful way to transform the patient experience. The business case is clear cut: reducing no-shows, ensuring care plan compliance, and boosting productivity across the board,” said Robbie Hughes, Lumeon founder and CEO. “All too often, providers fall into the trap of deploying products that fragment the patient experience. At Lumeon, we enable you to gradually take control of your entire care journey, ensuring it is designed to reflect the way you deliver care and keeps patients coming back to your brand.”


About Lumeon

Lumeon’s care journey orchestration platform helps health systems scale efficient, effective care delivery both within and beyond their hospitals’ four walls.

Lumeon’s industry-leading solutions address the needs of patient access, surgery, population health, amongst many others. They transform the EHR into an agile care delivery platform that navigates the patient along a personalized, adaptive care plan, coordinating the care team to deliver the right care, at the right time, every time. At every step along the journey, they harmonize care, communication, tasks, and decisions to increase compliance and productivity, free up capacity, and deliver superior outcomes at a reduced cost.

More than 70 health systems across 12 countries have deployed Lumeon’s multi-award-winning platform.