93% of healthcare provider executives say digital transformation will continue to be top priority over the next three years

BOSTON – June 29, 2021Lumeon, the leader in care journey orchestration, today announced new data that uncovers the top priorities for digital transformation among leaders of U.S. hospitals, integrated delivery networks, and ambulatory care centers. Lumeon’s research surveyed 91 clinical and operational C-suite leaders between May and June 2021.

The research found that in 2021, digital transformation has become the major priority for U.S. healthcare leaders. Improving the quality of care is the top business goal over the next 12 months, while longer-term goals include revenue growth and differentiating the patient experience. Although patient engagement continues to be a key focus, most leaders say it must be delivered in conjunction with care coordination around the needs of each patient – critical to the success of digital transformation.

The findings show that as the U.S. emerges from the pandemic and hospitals’ key objectives remain ramping up patient volumes and revenue, digital transformation is here to stay and will continue to play an increasingly important role in the process.

Robbie Hughes, CEO of Lumeon, explained, “As healthcare providers adopt digital technology at a rapid pace, provider operations and care delivery are being transformed around not only patient access but also coordination of care. The research conducted by Sage Growth Partners reveals that patient engagement is only part of the story—providers are now laser-focused on improving patient experience with more coordinated, streamlined care journeys powered by digital technology and automation.”

The research uncovered additional findings about near-term and long-term priorities, including:

  • 43% of providers stated that improving care quality is a key priority. Quality of care concerns will push digital transformation in the next 12 months.
  • Improving patient access is the top digital transformation goal for 59% of providers questioned in the survey. Respondents noted that this goes beyond the first point of contact, aiming to provide access to the resources patients need throughout their journey in the healthcare system.
  • 94% of leaders say that care team coordination is critical for successful digital transformation. Good patient experience depends on having a well-coordinated care team experience.

“The imperative for care providers is to improve patient access to care, particularly as the pandemic disrupted and delayed essential and preventative care for so many,” Hughes continued. “These findings reveal how the industry recognizes the need to connect these efforts with a streamlined clinical journey together into one digitally transformed care experience.”

View the full report here to learn more about the digital transformation priorities and challenges facing U.S. healthcare providers in the coming years.

The report’s findings were based on a survey of 91 total C-suite leaders in large hospitals, integrated delivery networks, and ambulatory care centers across the United States. The research consisted of a quantitative survey, shared with 81 leaders, and in-depth interviews conducted with 10 leaders.


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