LONDON – 6 February 2019 – Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has launched a new digital postnatal discharge system, powered by Lumeon technology. This innovative software will improve the patient experience, increase efficiency and reduce costs at the hospital. The system is funded by CW+, the official charity of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management solution digitises the postnatal pathway. All activities and tasks are orchestrated and automated in real time, with the ability to get a good overview of the care being delivered. Digital dashboards allow multi-disciplinary team members to quickly see what they need to do next, and by when, for each patient to meet their discharge slot. Staff are able to communicate more effectively with new mums, and provide a more holistic overview relating to them and their baby as regards getting them ready for home.

“Lumeon is very excited for this opportunity to help Chelsea and Westminster Hospital transform both the patient and staff experience, whilst improving efficiency” said Robbie Hughes, Founder and CEO of Lumeon. “The NHS has recently announced both maternity and digital health services as key focus areas in the Long Term Plan. Our work with Chelsea and Westminster has been put into motion at a particularly significant time and we look forward to scaling our innovative system across the NHS, starting with maternity and postnatal pathways.”

“As an organisation, we are committed to being innovative and human-centered when providing excellent care and experiences for mothers, their families and our staff,” said Dr Sunita Sharma, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. “We are very proud to see the new postnatal digital tool now in action and I see even more exciting times ahead as we expand on what the system can allow us to do.”

“Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is passionate about health innovation delivering exceptional patient care. Together with our charity CW+, we identify technology partners that will help us excel in these areas” said Dr Zoe Penn, Medical Director at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. “We have worked closely with the Lumeon team and we are excited about this fantastic new system that will help to deliver great care to new mums and their families.”








About CW Innovation

CW Innovation is a joint initiative between Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and its charity CW+. Its aim is to utilise the latest in medical innovation and digital technologies to improve patient outcomes, patient experience and operational efficiency across our organisation and beyond.

This programme:
• Identifies and evaluates the latest health innovations, working in partnership with healthcare companies, medical entrepreneurs and front-line staff
• Introduces, embeds and evaluates new systems and technologies
• Strives to deliver transformational impact within local, national, and international healthcare systems that can be tested to generate a body of real-world evidence in advance of wider dissemination

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