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Staff are drowning with…

Too many priorities.

Too much repetitive, time-consuming work.

Poor information to make timely decisions.

Unaware of the next-best action for each patient

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Sounds familiar, right – but why care now?

Nurse staffing is a national crisis (*Forbes)

The wellbeing and health of our staff **

The cost of care is unsustainable ***

Value-Based Care requires efficient and effective care

The industry is in crisis

There’s a better way – what can we do?

Streamline Processes

Optimize workflow to eliminate wasteful tasks and activity, ensuring that the entire team are executing care according to best-practice.

Automate the Routine

Stop doing tedious, repetitive tasks that absorb your team, like chasing patients and care team members. Automate as much as possible.

Make Workflow Proactive

Put workflow on auto-pilot so that it immediate moves onto the next step and keeps patient care moving forward autonomously.

Prioritize and Delegate

Ensure we are working on the right patients, at the right time, prioritize at risk patients for intervention and delegate tasks to the right staff member.

Fast Track Patients

Take advantage of digital engagement techniques to minimize costly activity and process the patient in the least time-consuming way.

Nudge and Remind

Escalate patients and tasks to the right care team member so they are focused on important and urgent tasks, making the best use of their time.

Care Orchestration – the technology helping teams drive patient care forward

Conduct care efficiently
and effectively for each patient

Lumeon’s care orchestration platform makes every care experience:

Eliminate variability  – delivering best-practice consistently

Continuous – connecting care across staff and settings

Individualized – ensure care is tailored to every  patient

Proactive – put care on auto-pilot with process automation