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Predictable and efficient care delivery​

With proven ability to reduce unwarranted variation and lower the overall cost of care delivery, care pathways are an increasingly attractive proposition for healthcare providers. 

The challenge, however, has always been to take paper-based pathways off the page and into operational reality. This means being able to direct tasks and coordinate care across clinicians, ward managers, nurses, patient educators – the entire team responsible for successful care delivery – even the patient themselves.

Lumeon brings a unique combination of sophisticated technology, expertise and evidence-based pathways to enable providers to reimagine their care processes, so that their care team can manage many more patients, much more effectively.

Can’t my EHR do this?

EHRs cannot coordinate care activity and patient engagement from first contact to recovery – this approach requires highly configurable, adaptive workflow.  Lumeon integrates with all leading EHRs and turns documented data into a meaningful action plans for each patient, coordinated and automated in real-time.

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Our CEO discusses how care pathways are changing the way healthcare is conducted

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Maximize capacity, improve patient
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Reduce unwarranted variation and
support more proactive intervention
for better outcomes



Reduce cost of care delivery as well as
maximizing value-based
reimbursement opportunities