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Reach more patients with automated wellness programs

Over the past decade, there has been greater focus on proactively maintaining wellbeing, driven both by rising insurance premiums and providers taking on more risk across the care continuum.

Lumeon works with providers to help them automate their care processes to be able to deliver wellness and screening programs to many more patients, with continuing digital engagement.

The Lumeon Care Pathway Management platform facilitates virtual patient management, automating tasks so clinicians and coaches spend less time on admin and data collection, and more time on meaningful patient interactions.

Providers can start small, with things like automated patient eQuestionnaires and outbound campaigns, evolving to things like digital lifestyle coaching programs that autonomously guide and motivate patients.


Key benefits:

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Pathway library

Want to deploy quickly?
Take a look at our pre-diabetes screening pathway and others in our pathway blueprint library

Health Risk Assessments (HRAs)

Add value to your member experience and automate more of your operations, with Lumeon’s time-saving HRA solution.

A sophisticated automated recall functionality enables providers to maximize HRA uptake, sending texts or emails when members are due for assessment, offering a choice of slots, with follow-up to non-responders.

After assessment, the CPM platform automatically generates a personalized pdf report for patients, combining analysis of lifestyle eQuestionnaires sent to patients prior to the appointment and the results of their HRA.

Including charted risk scores and graphs, the report automatically populates lifestyle advice based on 360 review, allowing health assessors to focus time spent with patients addressing specific areas of concern.


A few features:

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Lifestyle coaching

Manage thousands of members without expanding operational overhead, by creating automated step-by-step programs that help individuals live better with long-term conditions or meet personal goals such as weight loss targets.

Lumeon can detect if members start to become disengaged, or stop meeting goals, and intelligently adapt strategies or notify coaches.


A few features:


Chronic condition screening

Patients are not screened for conditions such as pre-diabetes in anything like the volume recommended by professional bodies – often because outreach absorbs a lot of resource and patient uptake is low.

The CPM platform enables providers to use algorithms, eQuestionnaires and EHR data, to automatically identify suitable candidates, invite them for tests and notify them about their results, enabling screening to be conducted in much greater volumes.

The platform can also suggest next steps to clinicians, such as automatic referral to specialists or group intervention programs, for rapid, effective intervention.


A few features: