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Fast, reliable screening using intelligent risk scoring

Lumeon’s screening solution is a comprehensive tool for assessing individuals. It provides rapid, early pathway insight into potential issues, in order to assist more appropriate decisions further downstream. A variety of features are included that help you identify risks, assess disease progress, cross-check patient orders, monitor readiness, check for care gaps, and coordinate handoff between care settings.

The platform makes life easier for care teams by algorithmically risk-scoring patients based on e-questionnaires or data from your EHR, consolidating information across multiple systems, presenting a real-time view of screening pathways, automatically generating pdf reports and alerting clinicians where results show outlying data.

Meanwhile, patients are continually kept up to date and on track, with tools such as automated recall, reminders and e-questionnaires that can be triggered at any point in the pathway, or by particular events such as outlying data.

Key benefits:

Key features

Lumeon can numerically score individuals so that they can be triaged appropriately and risk-stratified.  Low-risk patients can have the majority of their care pathway automated, whereas high-risk patients can be escalated for priority manual intervention by the right care team member.

A few features:

Use case

Pre-op assessment

Lumeon ensures a consistent approach pre-operative testing, using the data collated from your EHR, and patient screening questionnaires to automatically generate a list of desirable pre-op tests – according to your protocols. The platform can be email this to referring physicians for approval and subsequently trigger pathway sequences with the required timers, tasks and test orders, appointments etc.  This prevents last-minute ordering of tests, or confusion over which tests are required which can delay surgery. It also discourages unnecessary testing, which results in wasted time and increased patient frustration.

Lumeon can automatically chase care teams to review results and can automatically flag outlying data, adjusting the risk category of the patient and even triggering other test sequences if required.