[:en]By Robbie Hughes

This is an exciting time for us as we launch our new brand, Lumeon. The brand is designed to highlight how we’re shining a light on healthcare delivery and enabling a brighter way of thinking through Care Pathway Management (CPM).

Why a new brand?   

By talking to our customers, employees and partners, we discovered that what drives our success is the need to design and deliver the smartest solutions to the most challenging healthcare problems we can find.

Rather than simply applying new technology to traditional systems, we took a step back to look at the entire care process, from referral to outcome, and the systems that span this journey. Thinking longitudinally across the entire care pathway led us to design a platform that allows our customers to deliver care that is measurable, predictable and controlled, delivering better outcomes whilst reducing cost of delivery. We’ve established Care Pathway Management as a clear segment within Health IT, and Lumeon reflects that brighter thinking for healthcare delivery.

A key part of this bright thinking, however, was a recognition that the best providers have embedded their own ways of working and methodology into our platform and by allowing them to share and distribute this IP, we could be in a position to help other providers further accelerate their business transformation whilst simultaneously creating a new revenue stream for those that have developed these new ways of working.

Lumeon Care Pathway Marketplace and Community

With Marketplace, the full healthcare ecosystem – providers, payers and partners – can buy and sell their care pathways, enabling new revenue streams and accelerating the design and delivery of new care models. We’ve launched Marketplace with 20 care pathways and will continuously update the Marketplace as new care pathways are established through Marketplace partners.

Care Pathway Community is bringing together leading clinical, operational and academic healthcare professionals to establish innovative ‘gold standard’ care pathways of the future. Community members are able to network and collaborate with fellow thought leaders across all aspects of care delivery to create awareness and benefit from sharing best practices in care pathways across the entire patient journey.

I’m excited about the future of Lumeon and I hope you are too. Please have a look through the new website and let me know your thoughts; you can leave a comment below or reach me on Twitter: @LumeonCEO.  If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Care Pathway Community, there’s a registration form on the Community section of our site:  https://lumeon.com/register/.

Keep watching this space for more from us over the coming months.[:]