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Patients start their journey faster with Lumeon

One of the most common bottlenecks in the patient journey occurs at the point of referral screening. Automation can help reduce this so patients can start their journey faster.

Lumeon allows providers to accept referrals electronically via HL7 and automatically assign them to a particular pathway. This means no data rekeying or manual generation of relevant templates and communications, which can be sent at various intervals, or after staff have performed activities.

Referral vetting can be speeded up by automating basic screening protocols using online forms and algorithms. Automated workflows can also be used to progress patients through their journey and allocate referral approval activities to the right pay-grade of staff, based on medical complexity.

Care Pathway Manager can help improve the relationship with the hospitals or physicians who refer into your setting by providing real-time updates via a portal or automated email summary.

Key benefits


Use case

A leading provider of radiology services is using automation to screen referrals and assign them to the right pay-grade of person to review. For example, radiographers are sent less complicated cases to approve, while PET-CT referrals are sent to ARSAC qualified reviewers.

No time is wasted on referrals that fail to meet basic criteria (e.g. patient age) because Care Pathway Manager automatically rejects these and emails the original referrer to let them know. This means senior staff time is put to the most effective use, and referrals are authorized more quickly.