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Revolutionize your patient access experience

As healthcare shifts to become more consumer-centered, providers need a means to offer an engaging, convenient and digitally-enabled service for their patients.

Lumeon’s patient access solution uses proven, bidirectional engagement channels and strategies to interact with patients and their families throughout their care journey. We help providers deliver personalized, and highly responsive interaction at scale, with a track record of positive patient adoption.

Whether you’re just looking for automated appointment reminders or are ready for a solution directing touchpoints across the care continuum, our pathway experts can help you rapidly transform your patient experience, boost revenue and enhance your brand.

Key benefits:

mobile showing Revolutionize your patient access experience

Start modestly and evolve over time

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Revenue-boosting appointment reminders and campaigns

Lumeon’s appointment reminder and campaigns solution is a powerful tool for building your branded patient experience and reducing no-shows, using SMS, email, voice or whatsapp.

The CPM platform balances user-friendly workflow management with sophisticated features, such as the ability to offer multiple alternative slots to patients who wish to re-arrange appointments, thanks to deep integration with your EHR.

We’ve designed the platform to be as intuitive as possible, with a self-service console to save you time and give you complete control over your appointment reminder and campaign workflows.

A few capabilities:

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Referral management

According to a recent Frost & Sullivan report, providers lose up to 55% of their potential revenue growth due to poor referral management.

Lumeon enables providers to streamline inbound referral processing using automation. Referrals can be made electronically and automatically screened to check they meet basic criteria. The CPM platform can then automatically coordinate all the required information gathering to process the referral, not only reducing waiting times, but keeping the patient and referrer involved through automated communications.

For health systems looking to keep referrals in-network, Lumeon enables care pathways to be extended across different settings, with protocols that help referrers and patients make appropriate selections supported by automated referral handling.


Lumeon patient access pathways

Reminders & campaigns

Easily create simple automated reminder workflows based on appointment type, or build sophisticated automated outreach campaigns for activities such as flu shots, pre-diabetes testing etc.



From online registration and lifestyle assessment through to satisfaction surveys, eForms can be used to save time and capture useful information. Responses can trigger automated actions within the pathway.


Keep patients informed with easy to digest, personalized instructions, with the ability to automatically request more information 24/7, as and when they should need it.


Risk assessments

Identify high risk patients more easily using risk assessment and screening forms sent at the beginning of their care journey. Results can be used to fast-track low-risk patients and assess high-risk individuals more closely.


Deliver targeted, early intervention by using dynamically expanding surveys to capture PROs, with auto-escalation based on responses. Create your own, or ask Lumeon to build you a PRO library.


RX refill notifications

Integrate with ePrescribe or pharmacy systems to automatically send notifications to patients when their medicines are due to collect, with escalation to care team if no response is obtained.