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'Care traffic control' for your health organization

Lumeon’s care journey orchestration platform allows healthcare providers to create digital care journeys that optimize care delivery and fluidly guide patients and care teams throughout the continuum.

Using Lumeon’s platform, providers can leverage intelligent automation and orchestration to manage a shared plan of care across multiple teams and settings, automatically adjusting activities and deploying the right resource required for each individual.

The platform uses real-time data captured from patients, care teams and bi-directional integration with software such as EHRs, to keep everyone on course, presenting a ‘care-traffic control’ view of patient progress and automating tasks where possible.

We work with some of the world’s leading healthcare providers to reduce costs and deploy resources more effectively in areas such as:

  • • surgical preparation
  • • discharge readiness
  • • post-acute care
  • • imaging contract management
  • • employee wellness engagement
  • • chronic disease management

Platform in action: Optimizing surgical pathways at Cedars-Sinai


Bruce Gewertz, MD, Surgeon-in-Chief and Vice President for Interventional Services at Cedars-Sinai discusses how Lumeon has been helping interventional radiology teams as part of the accelerator.

As part of the Cedars-Sinai accelerator powered by Techstars, Lumeon has been transforming care pathways at one of the largest non-profit hospitals in the Western United States.

Our initial focus has been to optimize pre-surgical pathways by improving care team coordination and patient compliance, with subsequent expansion to discharge and post-acute processes.

The platform will help Cedars-Sinai reduce surgical cancellations and delays, lower risk of complications and treat more patients at a lower cost.


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