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A methodology that’s proven to deliver success at scale

Lumeon has over thirteen years’ experience creating pathways that support great care, day in, day out, at leading IDNs, hospitals and specialist providers.

Over that time, we have developed a unique methodology, proven to deliver successful transformation within complex healthcare organizations.

The combination of our expertise, award-winning technology and pathways, delivers significant ROI, as well as giving care teams a sense of ownership over the process. It’s little wonder that many of our clients choose to start small and expand their repertoire of pathways, with Lumeon experts here to support them at every stage of their journey.

Key differentiators of the Lumeon approach:

Watch our video to find out more about how our pathways are created.

Pathway design principles

Grounded in strong
business cases

Pathway design starts with solid business cases, measured with KPIs such as patient throughput, outcomes and compliance.  Providers can use data generated to iteratively improve their pathways.

Virtual and automated where appropriate

Wherever possible, pathways are designed to both automate repetitive tasks and remove unnecessary in-person visits. Automatically stratifying patients according to risk, means they can be assigned to pathways with the right blend of face-to-face, virtual or completely automated touchpoints.


Placing patients at the center of pathway design, Lumeon uses patient-generated data to tailor their care pathway to meet their particular needs and preferences. Interactive automated communications also provide continuous support or escalation throughout their journey.​ 

Deployment methodology​


Our experts can deliver a tailored ‘soft-landing’ plan that minimizes technical integration and impact on senior clinical resource. You can then build out in a modular fashion.


Patient-first adoption

An optional ‘patient-first’ approach, which many clients prefer, means starting with patient-facing solutions that can deliver maximum value with minimal disruption.


Continuous collaboration

Whether you require full business analysis services, or simply assistance implementing one of our blueprints, we work closely with your teams to understand what you’d like to achieve.



Pathways are designed for continuous improvement. Once we’ve built a pathway for you, we can train your teams to configure elements or extend the pathway by themselves.

Proven at Scale

Proven at scale
across 12 countries
11M patients actively
2,000 healthcare sites using Lumeon