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Intelligent pathway automation for the competitive edge in the imaging market

Whether you are an independent diagnostic testing facility, radiology practice group, or part of a broader care network, changes in the way care is paid for and delivered mean greater pressure to lower operational costs and enhance your value-add in the wider pathway context.

Lumeon helps leading diagnostic imaging providers to orchestrate and automate their end-to-end workflows to deliver unbeatable service quality at reduced operational cost.

Our Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform enables you to create your own diagnostic pathways that reduce variation, keep radiologists working at the top of their license and provide real-time visibility across predictable patient journeys. They also contain timers and protocols that are variable by health plan, to help you more easily meet complex contractual requirements.

Whether you are looking to maximize ‘commoditized’ services, or form more strategic joint ventures with health systems, we can help you transform and scale your business like never before.

“Moving to a unified RIS-PACS environment, managed by automated pathways has meant we can offer a faster, better service to our clients with hardly any asset wastage.”

Dr. Johann Alberts, Director of IT and Transformation, Alliance Medical


Improve referrer and patient satisfaction

By using algorithms, timers and escalation protocols to automatically tailor your pathways to meet needs of referrers, patients and payers

Reduce operational costs

By using automation to assist with scheduling, referral screening and billing as well as operational coordination such as determining which radiologists should be involved in reporting

Rapidly innovate and scale your business

By instigating digital pathways that remove unwanted variation and inefficiencies and can be centrally controlled, measured and refined

[:en]Create your own digital pathway[:us]The intelligent app that's revolutionizing patient engagement[:]

We’ll show you how to adopt Lean Six Sigma process models to seamlessly connect and drive efficiency throughout your diagnostic and broader referral network, leveraging real-time communications and intelligent automation.

Referral screening and patient preparation

A backlog of referrals waiting to be screened, inappropriate cases that should have been rejected, patients who don’t properly prepare for scans – your digital pathways can help you reduce all these inefficiencies that slow down your diagnostic network.

Just a few of the many possibilities:

Diagnostic reporting

Once scans are conducted, (whether that’s by you or by a third-party) our platform can direct images to the relevant PACS, for seamless control of image study distribution and reporting throughout your network.

Just a few of the many possibilities:

Contract handling and SLAs

You can easily create master or sub-pathways that prompt different end-to-end processes to suit each of your clients or payers, and effortlessly meet the requirements of any number of contracts.

Just a few of the many possibilities:

Hospital and IDN partnerships

For advanced collaboration with hospitals, IDNs, ambulatory centers and even payers, Lumeon offers the ability to create integrated digital pathways with a shared real-time view of the patient journey. We can join existing technology and teams onto a single platform that prompts best practice.

Just a few of the many possibilities:

Core capabilities

Pathway protocols and SLA timers

The Lumeon CPM platform allows you to attach different automated rulesets and SLA timers to each pathway. This means you can easily vary processes by contract/health plan/modality/patient risk category etc. as well as triggering automated breach avoidance activities.

Sophisticated PACS and diagnostic machinery management

The platform seamlessly integrates with all leading PACS and diagnostic equipment. Algorithms can help fill radiographers’ diaries to avoid unwanted waiting periods and control which PACS images are routed to.

Pathway analytics

Our analytics engine can help you measure pathway efficiency and radiographer or radiologist productivity, including metrics such as appointment overrun, patient and referrer satisfaction rates, scan failure rates, patient cancellations/no shows, capacity levels, missed SLAs etc.