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Automated radiology pathways for lightening-fast operations

With the cost of radiology services coming increasingly under the spotlight, providers cannot afford to ignore operational inefficiencies.

Lumeon helps leading diagnostic imaging providers to orchestrate and automate their end-to-end workflows to deliver unbeatable service quality at reduced operational cost.

Our Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform enables you to create your own diagnostic pathways that reduce variation, keep radiologists working at the top of their license and provide real-time visibility across predictable patient journeys. They also contain timers and protocols that are variable by health plan, in order to help you more easily meet complex contractual requirements.

Whether you are looking to maximize ‘commoditized’ services or form more strategic joint ventures with health systems, we can help you transform and scale your business and increase margins.


Key benefits:

“Moving to a unified RIS-PACS environment, managed by automated pathways has meant we can offer a faster, better service to our clients with hardly any asset wastage.”

Dr. Johann Alberts, Director of IT and Transformation, Alliance Medical

A command and control center for your radiology ecosystem

The CPM platform can track and manage all your cases, across every site, showing a real-time view of current status and planned pathway trajectory.

Sophisticated automation, orchestration and integration capabilities allow you to seamlessly manage care transitions and information exchange between hospital administrators, PCPs, radiologists and your existing software.

A few features:

A few possibilities

Tailor pathways for payers

Manage the end-to-end flow of activities for radiology case management according to the needs of particular payers. Tailored automation rules (such as study reporting preferences or SLAs avoidance activity) guarantee service quality.

Automated referral screening

Set up your own protocols to score and fast-track low-risk referrals, using patient e-questionnaires and system-driven workflow. Auto-reject referrals failing basic criteria and only auto-escalate risk-sensitive cases to senior staff, in order to save time.

Capacity management/overflow reporting

When you need to outsource reporting, automatically divert images to a third-party network of radiologists using PACS re-routing and alternative workflow rules etc. Capacity management can also be used to balance internal resources appropriately.