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Connect and streamline care delivery with intelligent pathways

Effective care delivery has never been more vital to any Integrated Delivery Network (IDN). Yet, until now, there has been no easy way to manage the patient journey end-to-end. As a result, care orchestration has become heavily reliant on clinicians to do the right thing and take the initiative.

Lumeon is working with IDNs to develop agile digital pathways that bring people, process, and technology together.  Our Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform allows IDNs to design and automate fluid care processes for patients, empowering care teams to standardize care and deliver it proactively.

Our platform creates streamlined care pathways across your care settings, leveraging existing technology such as EHRs, population health systems, patient portals, contact centers, and telemedicine devices.

This new approach enables you to guide patients through consistent pathways to better health, using intelligent automation to amplify the reach of care teams and existing technology.


reduce care delivery cost

by automating administration, virtualizing patient outreach and making better use of physician time

improve patient satisfaction

by tracking patient and care team compliance to your best practice pathways, tailored to the needs of each health plan

increase revenue streams

by customizing and automating care team and patient engagement activities depending on the individual needs of each patient

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We’ll show you how to adopt Lean Six Sigma process models to seamlessly connect and drive efficiency throughout your network, leveraging real-time communications and intelligent automation.

Advanced pathway protocols leverage best practice models, allowing you to assess, plan, and deliver care according to the needs of every patient.

Core capabilities

Care coordination

Our pathway builder allows you to create a single coherent care plan for each patient, facilitating team communication and bringing everyone onto the same page. The pathway dashboard shows the real-time status for all patients, outstanding tasks and next steps.

Operationalize population health

Once your population health management software has segmented your patient population, you can build sub-pathways to cater for each patient’s likely needs, based on their particular cohort. This can include different education programs,  risk scoring algorithms etc. to help monitor patients.

Compliance and SLA management

SLA timers can be incorporated into tasks to ensure the complex requirements of different health plans are met at every stage of your integrated pathway. Timers can escalate SLA breaches and report on compliance and variation between teams.