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Digitally streamlined Health Risk Assessments (HRAs)

Lumeon’s HRA solution is an easy to use digital tool, designed to save clinical time and help providers streamline and enhance member engagement.

Providers can use the automated recall functionality to email members when they are due for assessment, enabling online booking at their convenience. Appointment update is also boosted through automated follow-up/call back if no action is taken.

Reducing time spent collating and entering data in consultations, the platform enables you to send automated lifestyle questionnaires to members in advance of their visit. It then synchronizes data from pathology, diagnostics and fitness tests carried out during the HRA, in order to auto-generate a personalized health report, including risk scores, charts, and lifestyle advice based on the results. This creates more time for assessors to discuss next steps with patients.

Lumeon’s HRA solution is the perfect way to enhance member experience and automate more of your operations. It’s also the perfect springboard onto longer-term programs such as virtual lifestyle coaching.

Key benefits:

Key features

From digital customer engagement to auto-populated health assessment reports, Lumeon’s HRA solution provides comprehensive digital management of your HRA operations, with a real-time view of every patient status from the point they need to book, through to assessment and follow-up.

A few key features: