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Digital pathway orchestration - delivering connected care at lower cost

2018 is predicted to be a difficult year for healthcare, as operational costs continue to rise, payers tighten their grip on reimbursement and Medicare cuts may be on the horizon.

In order to remain competitive and meet the demands of payers, patients and referrers, providers must find more robust ways of connecting and controlling processes across the care continuum. As things stand, the level of fragmentation and inefficiency in the system will continue to drain cost and hamper repositioning towards value-based care.

Lumeon solves this problem by uniting care professionals around a digitally managed operational care plan that can connect multiple teams and settings. Using our Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform and suite of solutions, providers can design, automate and orchestrate their own care pathways that eliminate repetitive, manual tasks and make intelligent course corrections to keep patients and care teams on track.

We’ve been working with leading providers to solve challenges such as:

  • –  reducing delays to surgery
  • –  creating integrated chronic condition management programs
  • –  reducing length of stay
  • –  preventing referral leakage
  • –  improving patient engagement in follow-up care

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Frost & Sullivan Enabling Technology Leadership Award

“As the most advanced Care Pathway Management solution on the market, Lumeon is a crucial technology to help curb skyrocketing costs, while maintaining a high level of patient-specific care

Frost & Sullivan judging panel

The Enabling Technology Leadership Award is presented to a company that has developed a pioneering technology that not only enhances current products but also enables the development of new products and applications. Independently evaluated by Frost & Sullivan analysts, entrants in the 2018 North American and European Care Pathway Management Solutions category were judged against criteria including commitment to innovation and application diversity as well as customer impact, including price, value and customer experience.