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How next-generation operational models are transforming healthcare

Healthcare is an industry stuck in the C20th century……

The digitization of operational models has been stunted by disconnected systems, a fundamental mistrust of ‘systemized’ care delivery and a lack of incentive to provide integrated care services.

…….but change is gathering pace

Driven by consumerism, fiscal policy, new tech and different attitudes to long-term wellbeing, healthcare is experiencing its ‘transistor moment’.

Download our guide to Care Pathway Management and the new digital operational models that are disrupting healthcare and moving the dial on value-based care.

We explore:

  • How pioneering healthcare providers are tackling transformation at the care pathway level
  • How to harness the latest digital trends, such as intelligent automation, real-time orchestration, analytics and patient-generated data
  • Real-world examples of next-generation operational models in action




Enabling Technology Leadership Award

“As the most advanced Care Pathway Management solution on the market, Lumeon is a crucial technology to help curb skyrocketing costs, while maintaining a high level of patient-specific care

Frost & Sullivan judging panel

The Enabling Technology Leadership Award is presented to a company that has developed a pioneering technology that not only enhances current products but also enables the development of new products and applications. Independently evaluated by Frost & Sullivan analysts, entrants in the 2018 North American and European Care Pathway Management Solutions category were judged against criteria including commitment to innovation and application diversity as well as customer impact, including price, value and customer experience.