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Rapidly communicate COVID-19 test results using automated text messages

With the rising surge in Covid-19 cases and increasing volume of tests, valuable care team resource is being drained by communicating results over the phone.

Lumeon’s COVID-19 test results solution streamlines the communication of positive, negative, and inconclusive test results to patients via automated text messages.



Test logistics

Send patients information about how, when, and where to get tested and what to expect.

Identity validation 

Request patients text back their date of birth to validate their identity, prior to receiving results.

Covid-19 PCR and antibody tests

Automatically communicate positive, negative, or inconclusive results to patients in English or Spanish.

Transfer to Covid-19 remote home monitoring

Ability to automatically transfer patients who test positive to text-based remote home monitoring, using a pulse oximeter kit or breathing assessment questionnaire.




A text message showing a positive Covid-19 test result message to a patient


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