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Taking the burden out of transition to video consultations during COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic escalates, there has been considerable impact on planned care. While many appointments have been cancelled, there is still clinical need to review new referrals, or to follow-up with existing patients.

Switching from in-person consultations to video calls is a great way to ensure care continuity and many types of appointments can be conducted this way. The problem, however, is how to communicate video links to patients in a timely manner – without creating extra work for staff.

Lumeon’s automated appointment reminder solution enables video links and instructions to be shared with patients within a series of SMS messages. It takes away a lot of the administration burden from switching to digital, so staff can focus on critical care.



SMS link to video consultation
Send an auto-populated video link an hour prior to the appointment, that directs the patient to a custom-branded virtual waiting room. This can be triggered for new and existing appointments.

Send instructions via SMS/email
Notify patients about the switch to digital and follow-up with a second reminder with preparation guidance.

Works with a variety of video consulting software
Including Zoom, Cisco, Amwell (American Well) and Teledoc and many other leading platforms.

IVR message for patients without a mobile
Lumeon automatically detects whether a mobile number is present. Patients who don’t have a mobile receive an automated message reminding them that a doctor will be calling them at their designated appointment time.

Send in multiple languages with bi-directional interaction
Enable patients to confirm or cancel appointments, increasing the likelihood of attendance.





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