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Bulk SMS messaging for rapid COVID-19 patient updates

As coronavirus continues to accelerate, hospitals are becoming increasingly overwhelmed. The Lumeon team are standing by to provide a managed service to help you send population-level communications within a rapid time-frame.

This solution requires absolutely no deployment and enables you to send out your bulk SMS messages to help guide patients on how best to prevent transmission of the virus. This includes informing patients that face-to-face appointments will be conducted virtually, and providing guidance about self-isolation, social distancing and symptom management. To get going quickly, the solution uses CSV uploads over SFTP, so requires no integration with your EHR.



Send public health coronavirus prevention instructions
(hand washing, avoiding public transport, symptom awareness etc.)

Educate patients with symptoms not to come into your ED
(re-direct patients to online symptom surveys and hotline support)

Provide advice about self-isolation and symptom-control
(link to information on your website, to help patients self-manage)

Notify patients about cancelled appointments
(provide general notifications that all appointments will be done virtually)

Guidance for vulnerable or at risk individuals
(link to specific pages of your website that help people who are at risk, for example those who are immunocompromised, pregnant or suffering with cancer)





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