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Faster clinical documentation and automated resource distribution

Lumeon’s documentation engine allows providers to rapidly generate and automatically distribute clinical reports or patient resources, associated with particular pathways.

For example, physicians can compile reports from referrers that automatically pull in information from lab tests, PROMs data (patient recorded outcomes measures), or from a radiologist’s report. Information can be automatically turned into charts and can prompt automatic population of particular text boxes.

Patient preparation letters can be automatically customized, based on information in their medical profile. For example, if they are diabetic they will receive information that helps them manage medication and fasting processes appropriately.

Patients can also be sent various personalized resources throughout their journey, for example, upper-body strengthening exercises prior to surgery, or rehabilitation exercises afterwards.

Key benefits:

Use case

Lumeon’s document generation engine is used by a multi-billion dollar healthcare provider to format health assessment reports, collating all the data and auto-charting results where relevant.

Care Pathway Manager detects when results are outside of normal percentiles and auto-populates text boxes containing advice for the patient. Custom exercise plans and dietary plans can also be generated within the document or sent out to patients at regular intervals via their preferred digital channel.

This saves a considerable amount of time and means physicians can instantly draw upon a host of resources in order to support patients.